About Ecole De Tae Kwon DO Integrale

The Taekwondo School J Taillon

  was founded on August 10, 1992 and has been in the same place for 24 years;  a commercial space that allows a great flexibility of schedule.  Day, evening and weekend classes are offered, 6 days a week.  There is even possibility of private lessons.

In our  2  classrooms  , the floors are covered with mats specially designed for this discipline and offer maximum safety during training.

                    Our school has 160 students, men and women, teens and children.

Everyone progresses at their own pace, according to their age and availability, with the possibility of climbing the ranks to the black belt.  A hundred students have reached this level since the opening of our   "dojang"   .


Many of our athletes have achieved levels of excellence nationally, two of our students have even competed at the international level.

The competition component is encouraged but is  not compulsory  for the students of our school.  In this spirit, we also offer self-defense and poomsae classes for a more traditional practice of martial arts, Taekwondo.

About Ecole De Tae Kwon DO Integrale