Benefits of creatine: increase your strength and muscle mass



The benefits of creatine make this organic acid one of the most suitable nutrients for athletes. Among other reasons, for the properties of creatine to increase strength and muscle mass. Something especially interesting for all women who want to develop and tone their muscles, because the woman's body has more difficulties than the man to achieve it. Is it your case? Discover what creatine is for and how you can take advantage of all its benefits

What is creatine

Creatine is a natural organic acid formed by three amino acids: methionine, arginine and glycine . Amino acids are the building blocks that make up the protein. Creatine is found in muscle tissue in free form or in combination with phosphates. It is, therefore, essential for the muscles.

Benefits of the creatine for the sportswoman

Improves muscle development and increases strength


Creatine is key to achieving good muscle development and to improve strength. This compound is naturally part of the muscle. And, therefore, its contribution is necessary for anyone who wants to develop their muscles and gain strength . If in your fitness goals you are improving your strength and muscles, your body needs to receive creatine.

It will help with rapid muscle regeneration

Are you worried about muscle recovery after the training or the competition ? Among the advantages of creatine is the fastest muscle generation.This is essential not only for those who practice sports but for anyone concerned about their health, mobility and well-being.

Improves physical endurance

In addition to the benefits of creatine for muscle this is also key to improving physical endurance. Primarily because helps to stimulate the heart muscle strength. This is key to increasing resistance during sports.

Other benefits of creatine for health and well-being

It is beneficial for the treatment of certain organic imbalances

Problems such as hypercholesterolemia or lack of bone density can be improved with the contribution of creatine to the body.

Contribute to a better mental balance


The benefits of creatine at the level of Health and mental well-being are very relevant. Among other reasons, for his help in improving cognitive processes . Also for its contribution against mental fatigue . And for your ability to raise your spirits , among others.

Who cares to take advantage of the benefits of creatine

Now that you know what creatine is for you can already understand that this is necessary for anyone concerned about their health and well-being. But it is especially interesting for athletes . It is ideal for those who want to take their strength and power to a higher level
Anyone who does physical exercise can take advantage of the benefits of taking creatine . But these are especially important for strength athletes and those who practice team sports with intermittent efforts . So if you practice sports like powerlifting, bodybuilding, HIIT exercises, crossfit, football, basketball or handball, it is especially important for you.

How to take creatine to take advantage of its benefits and what is the best

How to take creatine to take advantage of its benefits


Creatine is present in red meat. But the amount that the body needs to take advantage of the benefits of it makes unfeasible to get it within a balanced and healthy diet . Therefore taking creatine as a dietary supplement is the best choice to take full advantage of the benefits of creatine . In addition, it is essential for vegan athletes to provide creatine to their body.
It is important to emphasize that the body needs to replenish its creatine continuously. So it is necessary to take this daily.

What is the best creatine and why

Creatine can be found in different forms as a supplement. So it is usual that the question arises about which is the best creatine.This is certified by its Creapure seal , which refers to a patented form of production. That's why it provides the benefits of creatine with a small daily intake of 2 grams.

  • It's easy to transport r, making it easy to use anywhere. In the gym, at work, on the road or on your travels to compete, for example.
  • Its consumption is very simple and pleasant . It comes in powder with a dosing cup to measure the recommended 2 grams per day, which are diluted in water or other liquid. Being a product insaboro you can take it with what you like the most without altering its taste.
  • It's a economic, comfortable and effective solution take advantage of the benefits of taking creatine and boost your fitness thanks to its properties.
  • It is produced and marketed by a brand with recognized quality and international prestige .
  • Now you know the importance of the benefits of creatine for the body. You only have to make the decision to incorporate it into your usual diet to enjoy these benefits to the fullest.

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