Name Description
Basic technique

The basic techniques allow to introduce the new Taekwondoiste to the different maneuvers of defense and attack, of displacements and dodges, which will eventually be applied in simulations of attacks and this, gradually in the spirit of a real fight.

The practice of these techniques is essential throughout the progression for the general maintenance of the body, the improvement of the coordination, the speed of reaction and the spontaneity to react in real situation.

Advanced technique

The advanced technical course aims to further the development of each participant to acquire the skills that will complete the course to the Black Belt.


The "Poomsae" are imaginary battles against several attackers, a codified series of movements taking up all the fundamental techniques or articulate the defensive and offensive maneuvers, using the natural weapons of the human body.  Ancestral techniques, learning Poomsae develops motor skills and control of breathing.  The Poomsae make it possible to acquire a better coordination, more balance and a higher level of concentration.  Regular practice is essential to achieving a good level of development, a level that aims to perform the exercise as realistically as possible.  The Poomsae are based on the philosophy and history of the Far East.

They are required during promotional exams.


The "Taekwondo of competition" component is put into practice mainly during the combat classes, on Wednesdays.  It teaches the techniques, strategies and rules of Olympic Taekwondo.  Students train with protective gear for a safe and realistic practice.  This course is for more sporty spirits of yellow belt level and more.