Footwork And Spirit

     "The way of the feet and the hands" ... that is the definition of Taekwondo.


 A priori, it is a martial art that involves learning physical and mental skills to protect oneself in case of conflicts and / or personal threats.

 Being a martial art, it also implies moral and social values, inherent in oriental martial arts, aiming at the full blooming of the human being.


 As a result, it is an extraordinary tool for personal development. 

A way to increase those virtues that make the human being more "human".


  An opportunity to know more about its limits, to confront them

                                                     and to face his own fears.

The 'Taekwondoiste' voluntarily place themselves in situations that require personal overcoming, and this gradually. 


              - "There is worse than missing his shot,

                                         ... it's not having tried. "


    How does Taekwondo contribute to the development of

self-esteem and trust.


 The regular practice of Taekwondo helps push the limits of our fears.

Fear blocks initiatives and creativity.  Fear also breeds aggression.

What kind of fears do we talk about?


- the fear of making people laugh, of being ridiculed,  

- the fear of missing, of not being up to      

- the fear of disappointing,.                           

- the fear of hurting yourself

- fear of being assaulted

 "All these fears mean that most people do not even dare to try."


Taekwondo develops courage;  another intrinsic value to Taekwondo.

                       To be brave is to dare to challenge yourself.


The lives of humans (adults and children) are managed by the limitations that everyone imposes due to their fears.





   ... to be continued.

                           - Master T