Discover how to increase muscle mass sleeping

What would you think if they told you that you can increase muscle mass by sleeping? Probably the first reaction is to think that it is a joke. But no, it's not like that. It is possible to increase muscle mass while you sleep. Moreover, the dream is key for those who consider how to increase muscle mass effectively and healthily. Does it still sound improbable to you? Discover how to increase muscle mass while you sleep and why this happens like this.

Why sleep is key to gaining muscle mass

During sleep different metabolic processes take place and of muscle recovery in the body . Therefore, a good quality sleep is key to increase muscle mass. When sleeping, the body enters an anabolic state . During that time the body takes care of essential issues to gain muscle mass:

  • Segregate the hormones involved in the synthesis of the protein a .
  • Repairing damaged muscle fibers during physical exercise.

The dream is therefore an essential moment for the creation of the muscle mass.

How to increase muscle mass sleeping


If you consider how to gain muscle mass in sleeping women, since muscle development in the female body is more complicated than in The male, you should know that it is not enough to go to sleep. I implementing a routine to gain muscle mass at night involves taking certain habits while you stay awake . These are essential both to prepare the body to gain muscle mass and to enjoy a quality sleep. And both are necessary to increase muscle mass sleeping.

Work for the day to increase muscle mass sleeping

  1. Include a routine to gain muscle mass in your weekly physical exercise plan.
    Work with strength exercises will help you Prepare your body to gain muscle and enjoy a toned body. Sleeping well will improve the performance of your training and get better results.
    How to increase muscle mass while you sleep without taking care of it during the day will not give you the level of results you want.
  2. Eat a fitness diet.
    Proper nutrition is essential. Both to promote sleep and to facilitate muscle development. To do this avoid the consumption of harmful fats . Take lean meats and skimmed dairy . Do not forget the importance of including Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your diet. And consume a balanced way of legumes .

Acquire habits of life that promote quality sleep

how-to-increase-mass- muscle-diet

When we ask you how to increase muscle mass while sleeping, we do not talk about taking a sporadic headache. It's about enjoying a quality and restful sleep . Unless you work at night, this is the night's sleep.
To favor that the night dream is of quality it is possible implementing in your life some habits oriented to this end.

  • Evita the copious dinners . Also those that include heavy foods or that cause discomfort during your digestion.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after dinner . Let two hours pass from the end of dinner, to make the digestion wake up.
  • Try to go to bed at the same time each day whenever possible .This way you will avoid waking up at night with thirst. Also, drinking during the night can make you wake up more times to urinate. And sleeping in fits and starts is not compatible with a good quality sleep.
  • Avoid watching television programs that disturb you before going to bed. Fiery debates, horror or violent movies or action series are more suitable for other times.
  • Try to sleep in a dark space or with a very dim light.
  • Avoid the consumption of stimulant drinks from noon .
  • Whenever it depends on you, sleep in a silent space . Avoid sleeping with music or with the TV on.
  • Turn off your computer, tablet and mobile phone . Or silence the latter. It will help you to sleep better and you will avoid that arrive notifications without interest at the time that can alter your rest.
  • Do not exercise immediately before going to bed . Ideally, between this and the time to go to sleep spend at least two hours.
  • Sleep in a cozy space . A comfortable mattress, well-stretched sheets and a suitable temperature in the room will help you enjoy quality sleep.
  • Relax your mind when lying down to reconcile before sleep .

Take measures to reduce your stress levels and thus reduce cortisol production while you sleep


The organism generates cortisol during sleep and, if it does enter measure, this may favor catabolism . Taking measures to reduce stress will help you reduce cortisol production during sleep . For this reason, when thinking about how to increase muscle mass while sleeping, it is essential to avoid a life without stress.

What can you do to eliminate the stress of your life?

  • exercise on a regular basis.
  • Eat properly following a healthy and balanced diet a.
  • Practice some discipline that connects body and mind For example yoga or tai chi.
  • Identify the factors that generate stress and take effective measures to avoid it . Or, at least, to reduce them as much as possible.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards life. Although it depends to a large extent on personal character, it is something that can be worked on to improve.
  • Avoid regular contact with toxic people whenever possible.
  • Practice meditation. It's especially interesting if you do it every day before going to bed.
  • Pamper yourself to avoid stress. A massage or a refreshing bath will help you relax . And, at the same time, they will help you muscle recovery after physical exercise .
  • Organize your life to avoid always being in a hurry and stressed . Keeping an agenda and respecting it can help you a lot. It may seem like something very basic but it is also a very effective measure.

Now that you know the importance of sleep to improve your fitness and how to increase muscle mass sleeping you only have to apply these tips . So you can benefit from the benefits of a restful sleep at all levels. Included to gain muscle mass.

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