Exercises to reduce hips: get the perfect waist

The area of ​​the hips is problematic for many women. The tendency to accumulate fat deposits in this area of ​​the body is an eminently feminine problem. It is not the most appropriate for health and aesthetically it can be a problem. Especially when it comes to finding clothes that fit your figure and feel good.
That's why so many women consider how to lose weight. Even those that lead an active life and have a body weight in the average that is considered healthy. If this is your case, these exercises to reduce hips will help you to end this problem.

Exercises to reduce hips

Losing weight does not always imply a reduction of the perimeter of the hips. So, how to reduce hips effectively? Through specific exercises . These are also effective exercises to lose weight, so they will help you reduce the volume of the entire abdominal area .
These exercises can be part of a specific routine of exercises to reduce hips. Or be included in a general routine with exercises that work different muscle groups and areas of the body. According to your specific needs, you can design your own exercise routine.
In any case, if you consider how to lose weight effectively and permanently, practice them frequently. You will notice the results.
Are you an athlete in good shape? Then you can do these exercises more demandingly using ankle weights. And, in the case of hip lift, with a weight in the belly area.

Classic leg raise


Place a on the floor mattress or sports mat to work comfortably and without damaging your joints. Lie on it face down and support the palms of your hands and the tips of your feet on it.
Raise your right leg forming a line Straight with your back and without flexing the knee. Stop when the leg is parallel to the ground. So, in that position, keep 3 seconds. Then, lower the leg again without flexing the knee until returning to the initial position.
Perform the same movement 19 more times. And replicate another 20 but now raising the left leg.

Lateral leg raise

It is another of the exercises to reduce hips more effective and has certain similarities with the previous

Lie down on the mat but now laterally, with your hips resting on it. You should also support yourself on the elbow and keep your legs stretched out over the other.
Starting from this start position raise one leg keeping it at all times straight, to the maximum height you can without feeling pain Hold the posture 2 or 3 seconds. It descends again in straight and slowly to the starting position.
Repeats the movement until completing the exercise 20 times. Change then position to put yourself in the same position but supported on the opposite side and elbow. Then replicate the exercise with the other leg until completing the movement 20 times.

Stretching legs


Looking for exercises to reduce hips that in turn are exercises to lose weight waist ? Stretching legs can not be absent in your exercise routine.
To begin stand on the mat in the position called colloquially "on all fours" .And without flexing, raise it to the maximum point you can, without forcing over pain. Keep the position between 3 and 5 minutes , as long as you can hold on. And return to the starting position in a smooth movement.
After doing this full movement 20 times, do the exercise by now raising the left leg and keeping the right one immobile. Also to complete 20 repetitions.

Hip Lift

This is another of the exercises to reduce hips more effective and simple to execute. It requires work and effort, as is logical if you consider how to lose weight with physical exercise. But it has no difficulty.
To do it, lie on your back on the mat or mat. Flex the legs and rest the soles of the feet on the ground. Place the arms stuck to the sides of the trunk.
The movement begins. To do this raise the pelvis raising it until it reaches the same height as the knees and contracting the buttocks. In that position the back will be slightly separated from the ground. But shoulders, arms and head will remain supported on it.
Hold position for 10 seconds . Maybe the first few times you have trouble keeping it that long but little by little you can do it more easily. After this stop, descend the pelvis again to return to the starting position.
Perform this exercise 20 times.

Stride forward


It's very simple. One of the most common among the exercises to reduce hips. It consists of advancing the right leg, until the left knee is touching the ground. It returns to the initial position and, then, the one that you must move forward is the left leg.
To begin: Stand upright, with your hands in a jar resting on your waist and your legs slightly apart. Take a step forward with the right leg with the trunk at all times as straight as possible. Keep your leg at a 90º angle at knee height and your foot resting on the ground.
Keep your left knee close to the ground but not touching it and at the end of the movement resting on the tip. Hold the position for 3 seconds and return to the starting position.
Perform the exercise 20 times with each leg.

Side walk

Similar to previous exercise. But starting from the same starting position move the right leg to the right as much as possible by bending the knee. Return to the center and execute the movement with the other leg.
Repeat the whole movement 20 times.

This exercise routine to reduce hips is very effective. So that of the expected result it is necessary that you execute it several times a week. Include it in your workouts and you will notice how you are losing volume in that critical area of ​​the body.

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