Fitness Trends 2019: do not stay behind

A few weeks before the end of the year and it's time to learn the 2019 fitness trends. What are the fitness trends for next year? It is always interesting to look at the new trends in fitness to know what is to come and assess which are more interesting for you. Discover what is going to hit hard in the world of women's fitness in the coming months and how you can take advantage of it for your best fitness.
According to a massive international survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) , these are the main fitness trends for next year.

Fitness trends for 2019

The growth of wearable technology


If for a time there was a question about the real interest of wearables for athletes, they are already They have dissipated. The latest trends in fitness make it clear that this technology is an invaluable help that is worth taking advantage of.
This change is due, in large part, to the improvement of wearables. Sport watches and fit wristbands are more accurate and allow new interesting features for the athlete . In addition, it has become cheaper. And there is a wide variety between which to choose the device that interests each person.

Group training

Training in small groups of more than 5 people but without exceed 15 or 20 members , are one of the fitness trends for the new year. Doing fitness alone is very good. But group training offers extra benefits. Among them, learn and enrich with the experience of others . It is also more fun. In addition, favoring interpersonal relationships makes more enjoyable and motivating .
To top it off all of the above, working in small groups allows you to do the most dynamic work and enjoy the guidance of an expert monitor at a lower monetary cost.

Training in high intensity intervals (HIIT)


It's probably not surprising to know that HIIT training is one of the new fitness trends . The effectiveness of this type of training even in short sessions makes your follow-up continue to grow.
HIIT training for women has already become known in recent months. In the next ones, its popularity will grow and also the number of people who practice it.

Fitness programs for the elderly

Exercising is not something that belongs only to young people. Among the new trends fitness highlights the rise of physical conditioning programs for seniors. The growth in life expectancy and the interest in health and wellbeing favor this type of group. Good news at a social level and thinking about our own future, although we see it far away.

Bodyweight training


Another of the most interesting fitness trends is the growth of bodyweight training . Do you know this training modality? It consists of using only the weight of your own body to gain strength, tone and work your physical form. Classic exercises such as push-ups or plates are based on this. And they are tremendously effective.
Also, you can practice it at home, at the gym or outdoors .And without costing you money.

Training with certified fitness professionals

Some of the main goals of fitness are to improve fitness, gain in well-being and improve health. Bearing this in mind, it is not surprising that fitness 2019 trends include training by certified professionals. The athlete, even the amateur, is increasingly demanding. Therefore, it is normal for an optimized training, minimizing risks and maximizing the efficiency of the same, to look for the support and guidance of a qualified professional .



Of course, yoga is not a new discipline. But it is one of the fitness trends that is growing the most. The rediscovery of this discipline and its benefits has reached the younger audience. In addition, there are currently specialized yoga classes aimed at very specific and personalized audiences. This is the case, for example, of yoga for pregnant women, yoga for mothers and children or power yoga.
It is not surprising that the disciplines to connect body and mind gain followers. The usual rhythm of life, stress and the desire to improve physical fitness to gain health and well-being are some of the reasons for this new yoga boom.

Personal training

In the gym, at home or via the internet, personal training is one of the newest growing fitness trends. The fact of having a qualified professional that designs and directs a specific training for the person is not something that is chosen on a whim.
All the exercises and the training time are specifically chosen for the needs and objectives of the person. athlete. And for this reason, the circumstances, wishes, goals, current form, state of health and other specific questions of the individual are taken into account.

Functional physical training


Do you know functional physical training? This is the name of the exercises based on movements and actions that help us perform tasks of daily life . It is one of the fitness trends 2019 that can be more surprising, but that will be gaining in visibility and practitioners.
One of its virtues is that it is a type of training that can adapt almost to any age and status in a physical way . Even as training during the recovery of an injury or in elderly people.

Exercise as a medicine

It will increasingly be the case that health professionals recommend the practice of exercise as a solution to different health problems, as well as for the prevention of certain problems. But without generalizations, attending to the needs of each individual and even referring them to qualified professionals who can provide effective personalized solutions.

These are some of the new fitness trends that are taking off. It is interesting to know them to get ahead and explore what each of them offers you and which are interesting for you as a sportswoman. This way you can follow the most suitable tendencies to reach your fitness goals.

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