How to burn calories quickly? Burns more than 300 calories in half an hour

How to burn calories quickly is a concern for many people. The lack of time is one of the reasons that makes it difficult to follow a constant training to lose weight. Therefore, it is necessary to burn more calories in less time. Burn 300 calories in half an hour of training is possible. And even more. You just have to know what are the best exercises to burn calories and what types of training are best suited to burn calories quickly.

How to burn calories quickly by exercising

Bet on a HIIT workout to burn 300 calories in less than half an hour

How to burn calories by spending little time training? One way to achieve this is with the high-intensity interval training or HIIT training. The workouts are short, but very intense and demanding . Of course, they have their reward. And this is important.
During a well-planned training of these characteristics you can burn 300 calories in 20 minutes . With the added advantage that you will continue to burn calories, in lesser proportion, in the next 24 hours after the end of training.
Therefore, following a HIIT routine to burn calories several days a week is a good decision.

Climb stairs and burn 300 calories in half an hour

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Climbing stairs is one of the best exercises to burn calories quickly . Burn 300 calories in half an hour is possible. It is true that it is a very demanding exercise and that half an hour of climbing stairs is exhausting. But you can always split this work into three 10-minute sessions.
Or, better yet, combine the exercise on stairs with others also aimed at burning calories quickly. So the 30-minute sessions will be varied but very effective for burning calories.
Do you remember the mythical image of Rocky training on the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? It combined this with the intense race. A great option for you! And you do not have to do it that far. You can even do it in the gym.

High-intensity running or how to burn calories quickly effectively

The high-intensity race allows you to burn 340 calories in half an hour, approximately. Be on the street on tape.
When it comes to how to burn calories quickly the tape is a very good choice . Why? Because it allows you a very intense training, controlled and without obstacles. This way you can make the best use of your time to achieve your goals.
But you can also choose to do it outdoors. Especially if you train in an area with clean air and no street crossings that you force you to stop when you do not want.

Spinning at high intensity intervals, ideal for burning calories quickly

With a classic spinning workout you can burn 270 calories in half an hour . The burning of calories will be greater at the same time if it is a question of doing spinning at high intensity intervals.
Remember that in this type of training, the intensity with which you work as well as the time of training is very important. rest between exercise intervals.
How can you do it at home or in the gym in a personal work routine? After warm-up, alternate 50 seconds at a high intensity, followed by 80 seconds of active recovery. You can burn almost 400 calories in half an hour. And with an exercise that takes care of your joints and pelvic floor.
In addition to burning calories quickly, exercising on the rowing machine is ideal for working your whole body in a balanced way. strong> A great advantage!

Zumba, the fun way to burn calories in a short time

It is estimated that a standard half hour zumba session allows you to burn about 339 calories . And it's also a very fun way to train! You can do it at home with the zumba video guide or go to zumba sessions as a group.
In any case, it's a great way to train while having fun and burning a large number of calories in short work sessions.

Box to burn calories and tone muscles


Boxing is one of the best exercises for women. It's very complete. And it's fun.
If your main concern is burning calories, yes, it's also perfect for burning calories quickly. You can burn between 300 and 350 calories in half an hour of training . And you will work both the lower and upper train.

Actions that help you burn calories quickly

When you consider how to burn calories quickly, you should not only think about which exercise allows you to burn more calories in less time. There are actions that will help you optimize your training and burn calories after this.


  • Sleep well . The quality of sleep has a great influence on processes such as the generation of cortisol, key to burn calories.
  • Change sports. When your body gets used to a certain type of exercise , it can be accommodated. A change of routines and activities can serve as an impulse to burn calories more quickly.
  • Walk and do it at speed. Do you go to the gym or work by car or public transport? Better do it walking. Try to walk with intensity is an activity that is part of your day to day. You can burn a lot of calories in a routine way.
  • Work your muscles. It will help you burn calories even at rest.
  • Stay standing . While you cook, wait or make up, among other times, stand up instead of sitting you can burn up to 50 calories. Do you think little? It is the equivalent of 12 olives, 4 sugus or a glass of skimmed yogurt.

Keep this information in mind if you consider how to burn calories quickly. This way you can make the best choice of exercise for your training time and your goal of burning calories. And you can take actions that help you get this burning more quickly.

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