How to eliminate cellulite? Exercises for cellulite


Cellulite is a problem that affects mostly women. You can suffer at any age and whether you are overweight or not. Knowing how to eliminate cellulite is the first step to take measures to combat this problem. An effective anti-cellulite treatment will attack this from different fronts. This includes taking supplements, eating properly, following healthy habits and doing specific physical exercise .
Exercises to eliminate cellulite are specific exercises that encourage the elimination of deposits fat and water accumulated under the skin of legs, buttocks and abdomen . These exercises for cellulite allow you to burn fat and mobilize adipose deposits for elimination.

How to eliminate cellulite with physical exercise

How to eliminate cellulite with exercise, previous advice

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  • Exercise daily. Sedentary life favors cellulite. Before considering how to remove cellulite, consider what habits to modify for a less sedentary life.
  • Train in exercise sessions of at least 45 minutes. You can not burn fat in 10 minutes of exercises to eliminate cellulite. If you really want these to be effective, do several sessions of between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Be consistent in your training . If you seriously consider how to remove cellulite permanently, you can not do things by halves. Set yourself at least 3 days of training per week for this purpose.

How to eliminate cellulite by doing sports

In addition to specific exercises to eliminate cellulite, there are some particularly suitable sports For those who consider how to reduce cellulite. These are cardio exercises that allow a great calorie burn and, in long and intense sessions, burn fat.
If until now you have led a sedentary life, you should start by practicing this sport more soft. As you gain form and physical endurance, you can do longer and more demanding workouts. This way you can prepare to eliminate cellulite.
If you are in good shape, know how to eliminate cellulite through sports will allow you to start immediately to end this problem.
Exercises such as la swimming, running, cycling or speed skating will help you to eliminate cellulite .

Training with gym equipment to eliminate cellulite

At home or in the gym, you can train with gymnastics to eliminate cellulite. The best anti-cellulite gym equipment?Separate your legs slightly. Flex to the knees until reaching a semi-sitting position. Hold the position for five seconds and return to the starting position.
A series of 15 repetitions is appropriate within an exercise routine to eliminate cellulite.

Burpees or frog jump

If you consider how to remove the cellulite from the thighs this exercise is especially interesting for it.
To make the frog jump, stand upright with your separate feet. Flex your knees and squat until you almost sit down. Jump upwards with the momentum of your own weight, taking off your feet from the ground and landing with a soft foot.
Do a series of 20 repetitions .

Elevations of knee


For the start position stand up with your legs slightly apart. Flex the right leg and raise the right knee to the chest. Return to the starting position. Then do the same movement but now with the left leg.
For an effective training do 5 sets of 20 repetitions with each leg .

Lifts of legs lying down

This is another exercise to include in an exercise routine to eliminate cellulite. To do this place a gymnastic mat or carpet that does not slide on the floor.
Lie down on it on the right side. Place your right hand under the head and then raise the left leg towards the ceiling. Raise and lower this leg without bending the knee and without touching the leg that is resting on the ground.
Do 5 sets of 20 repetitions with each leg.



Up and down stairs is a good anti-cellulite exercise. But in addition to using the stairs instead of the elevator, you can include this exercise in your training routine. It is very effective and you should include it in your routine if you consider how to remove cellulite with exercise .
You can use a bench the height of a step. just make the movement to go up and down at a good pace. The ideal within a routine of this type is to do five minutes at the maximum speed you can s.

Jump rope

Did you know to jump to the rope is an effective exercise against cellulite ? Mainly because it is a cardio exercise that at high intensity allows a large caloric burn. You can do this exercise at high intensity and at intervals (HIIT). Or include it in an exercise routine against cellulite jumping between 5 and 10 minutes at medium intensity.

Actions to complete a cellulite treatment

The exercises to eliminate cellulite are very effective. But you can enhance its action with a treatment against cellulite attack from different angles. This will help you achieve better results in less time.

  • Use effective cellulite supplements .
  • Avoid overusing salt your diet.
  • Do not abuse foods rich in saturated fats .
  • Hydrate your body properly. Before, during and after the exercise, of course. But also throughout the day.
  • Include in your diet antioxidant-rich foods .
  • Give yourself a anti-cellulite massage after showering Include them in your training and say goodbye to the orange peel.

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