Properties of chlorella: discover chlorella and its benefits


The properties of chlorella have made this algae considered a superfood. Its popularity is growing like foam. And it is not surprising, because chlorella provides very interesting benefits for health care. In addition, consume it to take advantage of these is very simple and is available to anyone interested in it.

What is chlorella


Chlorella is an algae, but not any algae. Its differentiating element is what marks, to a large extent, its popularity. It is the vegetable with the highest concentration of chlorophyll on the planet . To give you an idea, it is four times that of spirulina.
Also, chlorella is a vegetable protein source . And contains a lot of beneficial nutrients for the organism, in a very interesting proportion.
For all this, a chlorella is cataloged as a superfood . Even NASA has been interested in it to make it one of the first foods produced in space stations to be part of the diet of astronauts. This can give you an idea of ​​how interesting are the properties of chlorella .

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Main properties of the chlorella

When the scientific community discovered the great concentration of nutrients in chlorella and what is the use of it, they classified it as superfood or superfood. Chlorella has beneficial properties that you will be interested in knowing if you like to take care of yourself. You will be surprised by what a plant almost unknown years ago can bring you.

It helps to detoxify the organism in depth


One of the properties of chlorella More surprising is its ability to cleanse the body. Its consumption facilitates the elimination of toxins and the expulsion of heavy metals from the body . In addition, it contributes to the function of the gall bladder, the liver and the kidneys. These are keys to keep the body purified and detoxified.

Provides vegetable protein of high biological value

Its high protein richness of high biological value makes chlorella an interesting food for anyone. But especially for athletes, in which the lean protein needs is higher.This makes the benefits of chlorella for cell repair clear. This helps both the recovery after exercise by muscle recovery and cellular regeneration and youth that becomes visible on the skin.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Among the properties of Chlorella for the organism also highlights its antioxidant power . Its richness in vitamin B complex (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12) and also vitamins A, C, E and K contributes to the effective fight against the action of free radicals. Thus, it prevents oxidation of cells and contributes to a younger and firmer skin.

One of the most outstanding properties of chlorella is its ability to strengthen the immune system

A strong immune system is essential for the prevention of diseases and infections . Thanks to the richness in amino acids, minerals and vitamins one of the most outstanding properties of chlorella is the strengthening of this system . Regular consumption of chlorella will help you to be stronger against harmful external agents such as influenza virus, candidiasis and others.

Helps to avoid iron deficiency anemia


The properties of chlorella to prevent iron deficiency anemia as well as to recover from it go through its great wealth in iron . This type of anemia occurs especially in women. Especially if you suffer from heavy menstruation, because this expulsion of blood is a great loss of iron.

Promotes metabolism

Thanks to it facilitates intestinal transit, helps the system digestive and improves metabolic activity . Everything is key both for a good digestion and to avoid metabolic problems, which could otherwise favor the increase of body weight.

Helps to maintain adequate blood sugar and cholesterol levels

This is essential for health and weight control . The properties of chlorella in this sense make its habitual consumption highly recommended as preventive. but also necessary to help combat this problem by those who already suffer.

How to take this algae to take advantage of chlorella's properties

The only way to take advantage of the properties of chlorella is by including it in the usual diet. And the best way to do it is in the form of a nutritional supplement. Only in this way can it be taken in enough quantity to obtain from chlorella the benefits it can bring us.
What is the best chlorella brand and why? Without a doubt the HSN Chlorella Powder is the best brand to obtain the benefits of chlorella. This is elaborated in a laboratory within the EU with the highest standards of food safety and very high levels of self-demand on the part of the brand.

Properties of chlorella: discover chlorella and its benefits

HSN Essentials: Chlorella Powder

HSNessentials Chlorella Powder is a food supplement Chlorella-based powder (Chlorella pyrenoidosa). Provides 3g of Chlorella per daily dose.

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Also, l HSN chlorella powder is a RAW food, suitable for vegans and totally neutral in taste . This facilitates its consumption and makes it suitable for strict vegan and RAW diet.
It should be noted that it is 100% chlorella powder without any added of any kind.You only have to dilute this powder in water, juices or smoothies to be able to take it. 3 grams per day is the right amount for an adult woman. With the great advantage that you will not notice any change in its original flavor.

As you can see, the properties of chlorella for the protection of health and well-being are enormous. Take advantage of the benefits of chlorella is in your hand, you just have to include this in your usual diet. This way you can prevent problems and illnesses, be and feel better every day.

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