Properties of cranberries and their benefits

The benefits of cranberries reds for health are multiple. Especially for the health of women. Although the use of cranberries for cystitis is the best known, the properties of cranberries make it interesting to include it in any woman's diet. Its benefits make it a natural and functional product that is interesting to know and consume.

The properties of cranberries make these a potent remedy to prevent and cure cystitis


If for some reason these little berries are known for their ability to prevent and cure cystitis. This problem that affects women especially can be as annoying as it is painful . Some people suffer periodic episodes of cystitis that condition their lives. Taking advantage of the properties of cranberries in this area is a good decision both for prevention and for healing.

What is cystitis? and what are its symptoms and consequences?

Cystitis is a inflammation or infection of the urinary tract. This can originate differently and if not cured in time, can reach the kidneys affecting them seriously .
In any case cystitis is very annoying. Among its symptoms are pain and burning sensation or burning when urinating. It is also responsible for the permanent sensation of needing to urinate. Occasionally, it causes urine to show traces of blood . And it can cause from slight pelvic discomfort to abdominal pain and severe kidney infections.

What are the properties that allow cranberries to prevent and cure cystitis

Do you wonder what are those properties that allow red cranberries to prevent and cure cystitis? There are several and, from this union, the power of cranberries to fight the infection of urine and prevent its appearance.

  • They have a great wealth of tannins . These report interesting antibiotic benefits to fight infections.
  • They have a high content of proanthocyanidins (PAC). These polysaccharides have the ability to minimize and inhibit the activity of the bacterium Escherichia Coli (E.coli ). When this bacteria settles in the bladder and the urinary tract causes infection. In fact, it is responsible for most of the recurrent episodes of cystitis.
  • Its richness in vitamin C contributes to the strengthening of the immune system .Combat the effects of free radicals and promote cell regeneration. Thus, they make the skin look firm and rejuvenated.

    They contribute to good hair condition

    Properties of red cranberries for beauty care do not stop there. Due to its richness in vitamin B they contribute to the maintenance of the hair and its good presence .

    Combat fatigue and fatigue

    The habitual consumption of cranberries it results in a lower feeling of fatigue and fatigue . This is especially interesting for the athlete woman . Or for those who have a very active life and require help to complete the day without losing vitality.

    Help reduce fat and cholesterol while lowering blood pressure

    In good part for its fiber content, among the benefits of cranberries is its contribution to the reduction of fat, as well as the so-called bad cholesterol or LDL . At the same time, they facilitate the hepatic synthesis of the so-called good cholesterol or HDL.
    Furthermore, these berries facilitate blood circulation and oxygenation . Thus, they are very interesting for their ability to reduce blood pressure.

    They contribute to visual health care


    Its richness in anthocyanins makes these small fruits powerful eye damage fighters . But the properties for the visual health of cranberries do not stop there. Thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants and its anti-infective effect it contributes to the maintenance of eye tissues.

    How to take advantage of the properties of cranberries to take care of health

    To prevent and cure cystitis, as well as take advantage of other benefits of cranberries, they should be consumed daily . But it is complicated that they can be part of the usual diet in the form of fruit. In Spain it is practically impossible to find them fresh. In addition, you would have to consume a large number of them daily in order to obtain their benefits and it is not feasible within a balanced diet. So, how can you get the benefits of cranberries? Taking them daily in extract . The extract of cranberry is a food supplement that provides all the properties of this.
    Cranberry Extract HSN is a good choice, since it is also enriched with vitamin C. In this way increases the properties of red cranberries providing more health benefits. And a greater power to prevent and combat cystitis, since it combines the properties of the former with the contribution of the latter to improve defenses and against infections.
    Furthermore, it is a product suitable for vegans since their capsules are also vegetable.
    Taking advantage of the benefits of cranberries is very simple with these supplements. Just take two capsules daily . You can do it accompanied by water or another liquid.

    Properties of cranberries and their benefits


    Extract of Red Cranberry 20: 1 (10% PAC), provides 500mg per vegetable capsule. With Vitamin C and suitable for vegan diets.

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    Benefit from the properties of the red cranberries. Take advantage of your contribution to prevention and health care.