Proteins for gym: what they are, uses and what you should know


A recurring question among those who seek to get fit or stay in good physical condition is if it is convenient to use of gym proteins. The reality is that the benefits of proteins are undeniable for the organism . In fact, they are essential for it. It is important that you know what proteins are for, as it is the way to understand the need for their daily consumption. We tell you in detail so you can decide how to provide your body with the proteins it needs every day.

What proteins are and what they are for

What are proteins

Proteins are essential macromolecules for the organism. They are one of the main foods for the same and without them it can not work . Therefore, the consumption of proteins is necessary.

What are proteins for?


High-quality biological proteins such as the best gym proteins and proteins of animal origin have different utilities.

  • They form and repair body tissues. This includes skin and organs as well as muscles and bones as well as nails and hair. E n the case of muscles are essential for their development and toning .
  • They provide visible weight loss in short periods of time in the context of a low diet in hydrates and fats and high in proteins . In this context they facilitate the burning of fat, providing energy and strengthening the muscles.
  • They are essential for cells to perform their vital functions .
  • They regulate body heat generating energy for the body.
  • They facilitate digestion of food.
  • Take care of the creation of enzymes.
  • They are essential for the transport and distribution of oxygen in blood .
  • They create hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.
  • They configure the DNA structure .
  • They create antibodies necessary for the defensive system of the body. body while regulating relevant factors against foreign agents and infections, thus contributing to the prevention of diseases .
  • Contribute to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. str ong>
  • They allow the feeling of fullness so necessary in weight loss diets and to avoid the consumption of food in an insane amount.

Why gym proteins are interesting

Why taking protein from the gym is a good decision

As you can see, the consumption of Protein is necessary for all people. Regardless of his age. But they are especially important for those who want to take care of themselves, keep fit and enjoy a healthy organism. Why?You can get them through the diet including protein recipes on your menus with adequate consumption of meat, eggs, fish and dairy. Or you can get it through the so-called gym proteins

Why are so interesting gym proteins ?

  • They allow an adequate amount of protein consumption without having to increase the caloric consumption of carbohydrates or fats.
  • They facilitate the consumption of proteins in adequate quantity without complicating calculations , going shopping daily and cooking several times a day.

When to take protein shakes or other gym proteins

  • You can take gym proteins to provide your body with the proteins it needs without taking meat or fish, if you follow a vegetarian diet.
  • When you are a diet and you want to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • To obtain the maximum benefits of proteins for your body and your fitness and fitness. li>
  • To get all the proteins that your body needs without adding more fat to your body .
  • As a way to take the amount of proteins that your body you need without increasing the amount of food you eat daily.

What are the best gym proteins to take advantage of your benefits for your body

Evoegg 2.0 Egg Albumin


Evoegg proteins are 100% egg albumin, the protein with the highest biological value trong>. These gym proteins allow you to take this valuable protein without having to take the fats that the egg contains. It comes from eggs from hens reared on soil.
It is very easy to drink by diluting it in water or to make protein recipes . In addition, it is available in several flavors.

Evowhey Protein 2.0


Evowhey proteins are whey protein concentrated and without soy lecithin . It gives you 23gm of protein in each service and a complete amino acid profile.
You can take these proteins in n shake form or in recipes fit. And it's available in 20 flavors ! Some as original and appetizing as the caramelized biscuit, the watermelon, the Catalan cream or the chocolate with hazelnuts. So you can choose the ones you like the most to take quality protein at any time and take advantage of its benefits.

HSN whole powder egg


The whole egg powder gives you protein of high biological value from eggs of hens raised on the ground with 13gm of protein per serving and the amino acids that your body needs.
Allows you to prepare sweet or salty recipes > on any occasion without having to be aware of the expiration of the eggs.It should be noted its great concentration since provides more than 24g of protein for each service to be taken as a shake every night.
Also, it is available in four delicious flavors so that you can choose your favorite or go varying.

Evocakes 2.0. Protein pancakes


An efficient, tasty and easy way to take gym proteins are these rich protein pancakes, the Evocakes 2.0. They are made with protein and oats to bring you the benefits of both. Provides 36gm of protein per serving !

Remember the importance of consuming protein daily and the benefits of protein for your body. They are essential for every person and should not be lacking in your diet. Take advantage of the benefits of gym proteins to take care of your body.

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