Running in winter: tips so that the cold is not an excuse

Running in winter can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to practicing running in winter in areas with very rigorous climates. In these cases it is important to have enough motivation and know the best tips for running cold . So you can take the necessary steps to go running in winter and enjoy a satisfactory and effective training.

Running in winter, how to motivate yourself to practice running at this time of year

The cold, the days of rain or snow and the shortage of hours of light incite laziness. But running during the winter is not really harder than doing it at another time of the year. Quite simply, it usually costs more to make the decision to go out to complete the route to the race. That is why motivation is important, that impulse that prevents you from being overcome by laziness and makes you go out to run cold and in the conditions of winter.

Always keep your goals in mind


Always keep in mind your goals and goals What you want to get when you practice running will make you run in winter, do not be lazy. Mark goals in the short, medium and long term, run with a goal, is the best motivation . Try to go out running with cold, in the rain or on days of strong wind.

Set yourself extra incentives

In addition to taking a step further to achieve your goals, you can mark other incentives that serve as extra motivation to run in winter. For example, you can set a reward to enjoy when completing your tour . How to enjoy a massage time on a machine or a refreshing bath. Or any other that you find motivating.

How to dress to run in winter and what equipment will help you complete your tour

Tell With a good running equipment for winter is essential. It does not make sense to ask you how to run cold without taking into account the winter clothes that you will need. And the equipment that will help you run safely.

Choose winter running clothes and appropriate footwear


How to dress for winter running is key to enjoying running at this time of year. Actually you do not need to stuff yourself in layers and layers of rop a. When leaving home you may notice the cold but after the first few minutes of the race you will feel great.Especially in the area of ​​the neck and armpits.

  • Choose winter running clothing from bright or fluorescent colors . For safety when lowering the light or if you go through fog banks.
  • Includes the necessary equipment to run during the winter safely

    But not only is the choice of the clothes to run in winter. It may be interesting to include other equipment when going for a run. This is the case of flashlights and reflective strips to run with fog or at night, since in winter the daylight hours are scarce.

    Winter running tips


    In addition to the motivation and choice of winter running clothing, there are other tips that will help you run in winter in a safe, healthy and efficient way.

    Plan your route with intelligence

    Planning a route to run during the winter involves taking into account more than the distance and the slope of the terrain. It is important that you try to avoid areas of puddles and mud . Also those in which the cars can splash or in which there is a danger that they do not see you well when driving.
    Anyway, you can be flexible. If the conditions are really very adverse, use the reason to decide if it is really interesting that you complete your training plan or not.

    Take measures on strong wind days

    Running cold It can be lazy but running in winter with strong and cold wind is really a challenge. It should not stop you, but it does force you to act smartly.

    • Plan the race for a safe area where you do not run the risk of object falling wind.
    • Combine part of the path in favor of the wind with another part against it . Take it as an added challenge to be successful.
    • Put on an appropriate facial cream , use petroleum jelly or even a protective cream mask to prevent cold damage to your face.
    • Use proper fabric gloves
    • Identify the places where the wind blows less strongly in your geographic area > So on windy days you can choose an appropriate route less exposed to the action of the wind.

    Hydrate your body as much as your skin

    Running in winter also makes accurate hydration, like when you run with heat. Both inside and outside. Do not forget, it's essential.

    Warm up at home before and after training

    It's not always necessary to heat up free when you go running in winter. If you are going to run cold you can do part of the warm-up and stretching at home, immediately before and after the race .

    Prepare everything for your return

    Have everything you will need prepared when you return from training. Essentially dry clothes . But a hot bath can also help you to take a quick shower. And have enough to moisturize and warm up after running cold .

    Consider running on tape


    If in spite of all the running in winter you are too lazy or live in a climatologically complicated area during this time of year, there is an alternative that may interest you: running on tape. A treadmill at home or in the gym may be the best solution for you.

    Running in winter It will be easier to put these tips into practice.