Tips for muscle recovery after exercise

Muscle recovery after exercise is the key to replenishing yourself after the effort. This recovery after exercise is essential to repair muscle microfibers as well as to relax the muscles and provide the body with the hydration it needs. All this is necessary to avoid injuries, recover energy and avoid the dangers of overtraining.

Tips for muscle recovery after exercise

Hydrate properly after each exercise session

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Hydration is key to recover after training or competing . It does not matter if you have exercised under a scorching sun or a cold and rainy day. Be that as it may, muscle recovery after exercise will go through proper hydration of the body.
Although ideally you have also hydrated during exercise at the end of this exercise you should take care of this aspect . And without delay. If you have sweated a lot, nothing better for recovery after training than a liquid containing salts or electrolytes . Your body needs it and it is essential that you provide what you need.
When it comes to recovery after training in the middle of winter is when doubts arise. Is a drink with electrolytes or a hot drink better? They are not incompatible. In fact, there are drinks with electrolytes that can be taken hot. They are ideal for these cases.
Anyway, after the initial hydration after exercise you can continue to provide fluid to your body. If it is cold, resorting to hot infusions that you like and feel good is a good option.

Never forget the importance of stretching for muscle recovery after exercise


Stretching the body is essential for muscle recovery after exercise. It's a step you should never skip. Ideally, you should take care of both static stretch and dynamic . This way you will avoid injuries due to a bad recovery.
Depending on the exercise you have done, you are interested in focusing the stretches in one or another area of ​​the body. But dedicating more time to one should not imply that you forget another.
But why are stretching for muscle recovery so important? Fundamentally for three reasons:

  1. They are essential to oxygenate the muscle .
  2. Improve blood flow to the muscles .
  3. P ermiten return the muscles to a proper resting position to avoid injuries after exercise.

Provides your body the rest you need for optimal recovery after exercise


Resting after exercising is not an option, it is an obligation. It is if you really care about muscle recovery after exercise. The body needs rest to be able to recover . You can not put this to the limit at all times. Providing the organism with rest and relaxation is essential to avoid later problems.
But what exactly do we call resting? Not necessarily to throw yourself on the sofa or not to move from the bed.Or with not forcing a high energy expenditure.
A good shower or a refreshing bath will help you to provide rest to the body. But there is nothing wrong with leaving a time of inactivity to recover after training. Do your daily obligations and training schedule not allow you this rest? At least, try not to take your body back to the limit of its strength. And, when possible, sleep. The dream is the best daily repairer of the organism.

It ingests in its right measure food to recover after exercise


You are assaulted by hunger canine after training or not, it is important to feed yourself after exercising. A frequent question is what to take to recover after training. And in what amount to do it. It's not worth eating anything. You must choose the foods to recover after exercise that really help you muscle recovery.
It is important that you eat a healthy menu with a good balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats. preparations and bars specifically designed as food to recover after exercise. These contain everything your body needs to recover after the effort. But you can also enjoy a proper classic meal.
If you opt for the second option, remember the importance of cooking food properly. It is not only about what you eat but also about how you eat it.
What to take to recover after exercise? Some foods that will help you are legumes, blue fish, eggs, bananas or tofu. Always balancing your nutrient intake.
Also, it's important that you take the right amount of food. Do not stuff yourself or eat out of anxiety. But do not let fatigue overtake you and you will be lazy to eat. It's interesting that you value the approximate energy expenditure you've made. So you can make a rough estimate of the amount of food you need to take for muscle recovery after exercise.

Massage your muscles

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Massage is a great help for muscle recovery after exercise. The elite athletes know it well. Obviously pass through the hands of a masseuse after each training session is a luxury that is not available to everyone. But you can provide yourself the muscle massage your body needs after the exercise .
There are currently different forms of self-massage interesting for athletes . You can massage the muscles manually while applying a recovery gel , for example. Or help you with objects such as a foam roller or a foam massage stick . In addition, there are also practical and efficient portable massagers for a relaxing and restorative muscle massage after exercise.
In any case, if you have the option, it's never a bad thing to visit a sports masseuse periodically.

Putting into practice these tips for muscle recovery after exercise will help you improve your recovery. And, therefore, to improve your fitness without damaging your body. In addition, they are easy to implement after each training or after a competition. This will make it very easy to follow and improve your muscle recovery.

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