What is glutamine? The most complete supplement

The benefits of glutamine make this the supplement more complete . Especially for athletes who have a greater wear of this amino acid by its activity. And if they combine training and intellectual activity such as study or certain jobs, they increase even more. Still do not know what glutamine is and what is it for? Attentive, we'll tell you why it's going to interest you.

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What is glutamine

Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids that make up the protein and, therefore, is present in the muscles. It is necessary for everyone and especially for those who usually carry out an important physical activity . Whether for sport or for physically active work.
The body can synthesize glutamine thanks to the intervention of amino groups that contain food. But in certain circumstances the need for glutamine is greater than that naturally synthesized by the body and it is necessary to provide it through food or nutritional supplementation . This is the case, among others, of athletes. And of people with intense intellectual activity.

What is glutamine for and what are the benefits of glutamine for the body


Glutamine provides essential benefits for every person and especially for the athlete. Knowing what glutamine is (an amino acid part of the protein) can make you think about it. But its benefits go beyond the formation of tissues such as muscle. Naming them all would be very long but these are the main benefits of glutamine for the active woman.

  • Contribute to muscle recovery after intense physical activity . . li>
  • Promotes muscle development and muscle growth . For this reason, glutamine provides important benefits for athletes and for those who practice fitness.
  • Helps to recover injuries, burns and after surgeries .
  • Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification , key to the renewal of tissues. And essential for a healthy, smooth and elastic skin.
  • It can be transformed into glucose in the kidneys without modifying the figures of insulin or glucagon. And helps keep blood glucose under control . This makes it as beneficial for diabetics as for those who want to control their body weight .
  • Helps fight fatigue by neutralizing excess acid in the muscle strong>.Also to those who are in situations of stress. And those who suffer from chronic fatigue.
  • Promotes concentration and sleep helping to fight insomnia and improving intellectual performance. This helps recovery and weight control , because during sleep are key hormonal activities for metabolism and muscle development.
  • Boosts the activity of leukocytes as generators of energy.
  • Strengthens the immune system . This is especially important after a disease and to stop infections in times of proliferation of diseases such as influenza. But also during periods of high load training where the defenses tend to decrease.
  • Promotes body detoxification of nitrogen and ammonia .
  • Improves the functioning of the digestive system and intestinal absorption . This helps control weight and facilitates proper digestion.
  • Protects and prevents muscle catabolism .
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How to take glutamine to obtain its benefits for the organism

There are two ways to provide to the organism the glutamine that it needs: through food and with nutritional supplements. When needs are higher, food is not enough. Then it is necessary to take nutritional supplements of glutamine.

How to obtain glutamine through food


As we have seen in explaining what glutamine is, it is part of of the muscle. And through food it is mainly through this that we can obtain it. That is, through the lean meat of animals such as turkey, rabbit, veal, chicken, pork.
The problem is that you lose a significant part of the glutamine when cooking these foods . And, except for the carpaccio or steak tartare of beef, it is not advisable to take these raw meats. Also, if you follow a vegetarian diet this is not an option for you.
But glutamine is also found in other foods. Among them the dairy and the nuts , although in smaller proportion.

How to provide glutamine to the body through nutritional supplementation

How to take glutamine if you need more than you can take through the food? It is very simple: through the taking of a nutritional supplement.
And for which cases is it especially necessary to provide glutamine to the body ?

  • Those who carry a Very active lifestyle with the practice of regular exercise.
  • People athletes .
  • People with a activity intense intellectual , as is the case of students, opponents and certain professions.
  • When you are no longer young. The older the less glutamine naturally generates the organism .A new nutritional supplement in the market with a new raw material 100% pure and RAW , suitable for vegan diets. Nothing better if you are looking for quality.
    It is a product that gives you great effectiveness. Why? Being micronized glutamine, the body absorbs it better, so its use is maximum . So you can take advantage of all its benefits with a daily dose of 20gm.
    Thanks to its neutral taste it is very pleasant to drink. And it can be combined with taking other nutritional supplements for athletes.
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    Now you know what glutamine is and the benefits it brings. Rate if you need to increase the glutamine you provide to your body and what is the proper way to get the glutamine you need.

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